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Accelerated Movement 101 Features

Breakthrough Progression

A scientifically proven program that builds outstanding performance without injury, burnout or muscle loss!

Six Month Schedule

A foolproof six month complete schedule proven to deliver sub-six-minute mile performance!


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There is only one right way to truly master running and it doesn't involve suffering.

No matter how you slice it, we wouldn’t exist right now if humans were not masters of running. If that’s true, then why do we suck at it so badly today and why does it hurt so much? Why does it tire us out and why does it steal away the muscle mass we need?


The answer is simple! We’re a largely sedentary society and we have a nasty habit of taking on too much too soon. It’s not that we’re not capable of greatness. We absolutely are! But we make the mistake of not realizing that the masters of running grew up very differently than we did. The best runners in the world have never ridden in an automobile or airplane. They walk and run everywhere and they have since they could take their first steps. You can’t go from a sedentary life to competing with thoroughbreds in a couple weeks or months. The human body doesn’t work that way!


To become a truly great runner - to run without pain or suffering – we must mimic our ancestors. We must adapt the way they did, literally walking before we run. But the good news is that to become a great runner, you don’t need to spend 15 years barefoot in Mexico. You simply need a logically composed and scientifically validated program specifically designed to control your progress in a manner that prevents injury.


Welcome to Accelerated Movement 101. This six month program is designed to take you from zero to a superb 5K or 10K race time in just six months. This program easily and consistently delivers injury free speeds of 6 minutes per mile and faster.


If you want to run fast and free, Accelerated Movement 101 is your key to greatness!


Pain free, injury free, fun, and amazing performance results. What's not to love?